More marketing. More leads. Less money.

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Sales on Demand.

Think of QuickStart as a sales machine. We give you everything you need to create a high velocity sales organization. Velocitii helps you identify your market, find the best targets and get the data you need to start reaching prospects immediately. We hire, train and manage a high-caliber, dedicated inside sales team that is dedicated to one thing—you! Your QuickStart sales team is supported with our hosted technology, multichannel marketing, results reporting and our Velocitii sales coach to drive results.

A Complete Solution.

Have you considered everything it takes to build a successful sales team? Who will hire, train and lead the team? Who will create the marketing material? Where will you find the data you need for effective lead lists? Who will set-up the CRM and how will the team make calls? Where will they sit? Don’t worry—we’ve taken care of everything. QuickStart is a turn-key solution. At Velocitii, our team has built and managed sales teams for some of the world’s leading companies. Put our experience to work for you to create a custom solution for your business.


Increased pipeline. More sales. Revenue streams. With QuickStart you can have an immediate return on your investment. You get a better understanding of your target market, a rich database, more touch points with prospects and a highly focused sales team. You could build all of this yourself—or use QuickStart and get everything you need in one place and at one price.