We've Got the Good Leads.

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Information + Efficiency = Results

Let’s face it. It’s a war out there. Finding new customers isn’t easy; especially when their information isn’t readily seen. That’s why we’re here to help. With SONAR, we uncover the valuable, sometimes hidden information that makes our sales teams more efficient and intelligent. SONAR provides sales reps with highly relevant and updated information, making them up to 30% more efficient. Even better, SONAR comes with every Velocitii sales program—without any hidden fees or extra charges. It’s more than data—it’s a powerful weapon.

The “Good” Leads

Selling isn’t rocket science, but it does require discipline, process and relevant information. Think of all of the information that’s available online today—including social, corporate, business wires, blogs, feeds and the list goes on. SONAR automatically does the research, collects the information and formats it into a SONAR profile. The more information that SONAR collects, the more complete the profile—SONAR is the difference between a “lead” and a “good lead.”

Data Scoring to Increase Relevance

Most companies don’t have a fortune teller on staff; but if you did, you’d want to know which of the good leads were more likely to turn into a sale. SONAR includes our proprietary scoring algorithm, where we score and rank SONAR profiles based on attributes and relevance. This ensures your budget is targeted—with the right level of investment focused on the right prospects.

SONAR is the secret weapon you need to stay ahead of the competition. And only Velocitii has it.