Velocitii. We’re pretty good at what we do. But don’t take our word for it – our clients say it best.

Velocitii supported our US sales activity by building a multi-channel demand generation program to create qualified demo appointments for our sales team. The Velocitii team worked directly with iTacit to ensure that we were aligned on targeting and productivity to support our sales goals. The Velocitii team was very engaged and proactively worked with iTacit to build a flexible solution to reach decision makers in various departments within our target accounts.

Michael Sandrock, COO
iTacit Healthcare

Velocitii has designed and implemented a demand generation program specific to our unique healthcare-related business. Our revenue is growing and my sales staff is much more productive. The Velocitii technology is state of the art and their training and professionalism is truly commendable.

Tom Marletta, SVP Sales & Marketing,
Seagate Alliance (a Premier Company)

“The level of service we received from Velocitii was extremely beneficial in helping us make changes in our business to better serve our customers. Since the implementation of Velocitii’s recommendations, we have been providing our clients with the highest level of client engagement ever and continue to make incremental improvements to our overall service delivery.”

Eric Knaak, VP of Operations,
Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning

"Velocitii took the time to understand our business and our members. They worked quickly and urgently to meet our needs and as a result our business has flourished. Their team of talented representatives have done such a wonderful job that we’re looking into opportunities for them to train our internal call center staff. It’s been a delight working with the team at Velocitii."

Carla D'Angelo, Senior Vice President of Marketing,
Monroe Plan for Medical Care

“Our business requires professional interaction with key decision makers at most of the top national specialty-treatment facilities including cancer centers and cardiovascular departments.  Velocitii is an ideal partner and has demonstrated their ability to effectively represent eHealth Technologies and support our business.   As a result, we are engaging with the right audience and creating new sales opportunities.”

Belimar Velazquez, Vice President of Marketing,
eHealth Technologies